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About the Practitioner

Gricelda "Gracie" Padron

Education Background:

I attended Austin Schools of Massage in 2006 and by 2007 had received my massage license. In the 7 years as a therapist, I have seeked  to further my knowledge, since the studies of the human body are endless, in modalities and techniques to help my clients find relieve from pain, aches, or discomfort. Taking continuing education in TMJ disorder, Thai Foot Massage, Soft Tissue Manipulation, and many more, to ensure I have the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the relieve my clients seek. I'm your pain management specialist!


Why I Do What I Do:

I LOVE MY JOB! I get to help my clients find their escape to the place of relaxation or find those kinks that seem to persist due to old injury or that just have suddenly occurred. Especially, after every session when I get to see the posture changes ( i.e. seem taller, straighter) in them. 

My Hobbies:

I'm a dancer, explorer, athlete, runner, heck, I will do it all, if I can! I know what is it like to have sore muscles and sudden aches that come out of nowhere. Hence, that has taught me to listen to my body better, which at times, is hard to do when your trying  to push yourself past your limit, and not cause or further an injury. I do so much because I believe that by taking care of myself, I can take care of others.










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